Why Hire MADink?

For us, when it comes to marketing and branding, experience plays a much larger role in a potential team member than formal education. That doesn't mean that a degree or two won't impress our human resources department, but social media (especially!) is constantly evolving, so keeping up with what's current and keeping our finger(print) on the pulse of the most effective, cutting-edge marketing techniques and tactics is what separates us from the pack.

MADink Agency began its formation in 2012 when a group of industry professionals came together to join forces. The result is a strong, diverse, like-minded team that is comprised of marketing, public relations and social media experts as well as graphic designers, website developers, photographers, videographers, copywriters and an awesome account executive team.

The culmination of our extensive vetting of extremely talented people is what makes MADink the well-oiled machine we have become. We handpick our talent (and continue to search for the best of the best to add to our roster). Even our interns are carefully chosen – based on their enthusiasm just as much as their skills.

We know you'll love working with us. We're committed to your company's branding & marketing journey—and we'll prove it.