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Burlington Magazine

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"We're all about helping small businesses within our community thrive, while simultaneously connecting them with community members and resources. A large part of what we do is philanthropic so we needed our site to be reasonably priced but still make a great first impression. Done and Done!" Burlington Magazine, Burlington NC

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Our Mission in terms of our website was to have a clear, easily navigable site that reflects what we do without being oversimplified or too expensive to maintain. We would recommend MADink Agency to anyone who needs a simple yet intuitive site within a reasonable price range.   Thank you, MADink!

Mark P. Henderson

Author - Derbyshire, England

"As an author (which of course automatically makes me a bit of a recluse, right?), my tendency has always been to lurk in the shadows and write, write, write. I really did want the world to know about me (why else would I publish books?!), but the concept of websites and blogging and blah blah blah... I shuddered at the thought. Then along came MADink. Who knew I would have such a jolly time blogging and saying 'thank you' (repeatedly!) to my website visitors for their compliments on my new, beautiful website? And as much as I hate to admit it... I really enjoy blogging and interacting with my peers and friends and fans and prospective fans - gracious! I'd say I'm too old for this, but apparently not! I would recommend  MADink to anyone who wants to breathe new life into their  writing career. Cheers to MADink! Keep up the good work !" Mark P. Henderson

Veronique Kahn


"I needed a new website. Mine original site was built on "flat HTML" (a term I learned when my NEW site was being built! I could not believe that I didn't need to as for ANY changes from the first version (except to just add info I hadn't given my personal website coach). This team really knows their stuff! They "got me" and I couldn't be happier. I truly don't think I'll ever need another site."

Happily, Veronique Kahn, Owner