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JM Mulqueeney

Author of Awakening the Future's Past

"As someone who doesn't care much about image, especially in terms of being represented in a 'professional' light, I had a concern that a website design might not reflect my more creative nature—that it might not 'feel like me'...

 ...I was both relieved and overjoyed at the results. My editor recommended MADink and I trusted her enough to just let MADink have their way with me!

 I could not be happier or more amazed. The site is simple yet intuitive and just what I wanted (though I had no idea what I wanted or needed!). I highly recommend MADink and thank them (and my editor!) for their amazing work. Check it out!" Author JM Mulqueeney, Winchendon MA

Steven W. Mortenson, MD

Prescott Eye Care - Prescott AZ

Prescott Eye Care's website was in dire need of an overhaul. Our former (archaic) site tided us over and served us well, but now have a new site (as of December 2013), built by MADink. The design and layout is sleek, intuitive and makes it easy for prospective patients to find info quickly. Our current patients can easily log into our secure patient portal and site visitors will find our website's navigation user-friendly. Our new site gives us the web presence we need for our eye care offices and surgical center to stand out from the rest." Prescott AZ (Footnote: In 2015, Prescott Eye Care merged with another eye care professional and their joint web presence is managed by another company, so the former (MADink-created) website is no longer viewable)

Mark P. Henderson

Author - Derbyshire, England

"As an author (which of course automatically makes me a bit of a recluse, right?), my tendency has always been to lurk in the shadows and write, write, write. I really did want the world to know about me (why else would I publish books?!), but the concept of websites and blogging and blah blah blah... I shuddered at the thought. Then along came MADink. Who knew I would have such a jolly time blogging and saying 'thank you' (repeatedly!) to my website visitors for their compliments on my new, beautiful website? And as much as I hate to admit it... I really enjoy blogging and interacting with my peers and friends and fans and prospective fans - gracious! I'd say I'm too old for this, but apparently not! I would recommend  MADink to anyone who wants to breathe new life into their  writing career. Cheers to MADink! Keep up the good work !" Mark P. Henderson

Mishka Zakharin

Author - Russia (or so he says!)
New site in progress...

"In the age of digital publishing, it’s never been easier for writers to get their work published, but to get it noticed is another story…  After about a decade of self-publishing, and about a score of titles to my credit, I finally hired a publicist.  I had never been big into the 'publicizing my writing' end of the deal—being mainly concerned with the writing itself—so I thought a bit of guidance might in order. I didn’t think there were opportunities for a small-time, independently published author like me—but there were, if one knew where to look!  Book signings, newspaper articles, interviews for radio and TV, author/book fairs—and all I needed was someone to point me in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot of hard work, but in the end it’s exactly what an independently published author needs to get their work out there.  I’m very grateful for the guidance and support I’ve received from MADink over the last (almost) four years.

AND in 2014, I hired MADink to create a new website for me. As an author, the “front page” for my writing is my website—it's my window unto the world for publicizing my books. MADink Agency created a site for me that’s stylish and easy for viewers to navigate through.  Using the most up-to-date platform, they took into account my needs and desires and came up with a site that worked for me. My former website did not have a blog function—so I had to request any little changes I wanted made to it… now it’s much more flexible and I can personally update the blog content to my heart's desire.  Even throughout the process of the website being built, MADink was always in communication, keeping me posted and asking questions for fine-tuning the final product. It’s an inevitability that one day I’ll again need a new website…styles change; the tone of my writing changes; platforms change and the internet is constantly evolving—but when I do need to put a new face to my writing, I’ll definitely do it with MADink Agency!


Forsoothly, Mishka Zakharin

Blindogg Books

Tim Baker - Flagler Beach, FL
New site in progress...

"I really didn't know what to expect when I hired a publicist. After ups and downs with publishing houses, coupled with my own inability to promote myself, I took the plunge. In 2010, MADink took my career to a new level. Together we arranged book signings, press releases, a book release party at my favorite local restaurant here in Flagler Beach, FL where I sold more books in one night than I had sold all year long! Since that time I've become somewhat of a local celebrity (if I do say so myself!). I even have a radio show! Things are really happening for me now - and I have to give MADink a big 'THANKS!' for motivating me to be my own best advocate. P.S. I have also officially climbed on board that 'new website train'...look for my new website in 2014..."  Tim Baker

Rebecca Heishman

Author of Misadventures of Millie series

"I appreciate the beautiful simplicity of my website design with its elegant colors and uncluttered refinement. It is free of a lot of the annoying bells and whistles that I see on many website designs of today. Its fresh, clean lines reflect beautifully on me and my simple life while it provides all the necessary information about me, my life and my work. I love it." Rebecca Heishman